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Lynch Family Skatepark Private Skateboard Lessons

Today is the 3rd day the Lynch Family Skatepark has been open to the public. The skatepark is so much fun! As you would expect the skatepark is packed with skateboarders and bikers. This can be intimidating for beginners.  Below are some extras tips and the unspoken rules of the skatepark you can learn at Read More


Boston’s Newest Skatepark – Little Scobie Skatepark

Little Scobie Skatepark is being built in Roxbury! I learned about this projected a few months ago from our friends at Warner Larson. They invited Armin Bachman and I in for lunch to have a look at some the skatepark blueprints for Little Scobie Playground. We talked about some of the features we would like to see in the Read More