Skate Catalyst Philanthropy

Here are some of the ways we support the community!


Boston-MA-East-Boston-ParkCommunity Skatepark Clean Up Events – We hold community clean up events at skateparks and spots in and around Boston.

In 2015 we hosted our first community clean up at Harbourside Skatepark in East Boston!

East Boston Clean Up video watch here.




Cub Scouts Skateboarding Belt loop Cub Scout “Skateboarding Belt Loop” Clinic – We offer a 1 hour clinic for Cub Scout Packs in and around the Boston area. This clinic will meet all of the requirements for the Skateboarding Belt Loop. Tell us about your pack here.





YMCA6 Public Skateboard Clinics – We offer public skateboard clinics with non profit orginazations in and around Boston. Tell us about your organization here.




Skate Talks Skate Talk – Our Skate Talk  lecture is designed to educate students and parents about skateboarding. Tell us about your organization here.

  • We spoke at the Roger Clap Innovation School in Boston!





Skatepark Advocacy

 Skatepark Advocacy –  We are currently working with the Needham High Skateboard Club to get a skatepark built in Needham Massachusetts.




Skate Catalyst Public Clinics and Events Public Skateboard Contests & Events – Throughout the year we host public contests and events; view the calendar here!






Allison Perlman Boston Skatepark Advocacy –  We help the skateboard community by participating in city and town meetings that are considering a skatepark.

Cassidy Playground meeting in 2015 here.