The Benefits of Skateboard Lessons from a Certified Skate Instructor

We have created a practice board and mat for our students to help grow confidence and muscle memory.

We have created a practice board and mat for our students to help grow confidence and build muscle memory.

How do you know if skateboard lessons are for you or your young skateboarder? An important step towards making progress as a skateboarder is understanding how skateboarding lessons can make the whole process of skill and trick development a little easier and more fun. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced skateboarder, here is a short list of benefits.

Time Savings. Learning to skateboard alone can be very stressful and time consuming, especially when a young skateboarder wants to take his/her skills to the next level. A local skateboard coach can help with informed expertise on skate spot selection, skateboard equipment and development ideas which are safe, effective and skateboarder focused.

Experience. Typically, newer skateboarders gain knowledge in fits and bursts; lacking a complete set of polished skateboarding skills and the background necessary to get to the next level, many skateboarders take a trial and error approach.  A skateboard instructor can suggest ideas, demonstrate techniques that fill in the gaps, and make pointed suggestions for specific improvements based on personal experience and an assessment of the skateboarders current skill level.  The end result is that the student feels support and encouraged.  Skateboard classes for kids, in particular, will typically provide the extra support that leads youngsters to achieve  goals faster and with less pain.

Peace of Mind and Security. When you have a busy, on-the-go family life, it can be hard to make guide young children and teens in the process of learning new skills in  areas like skateboarding. Traditional sports like baseball, basketball and soccer have deep support, large resources and extensive networks in nearly every community, but skateboarding is usually not part of the core fabric of schools sports and park and recreation programs.  Lacking dedicated venues and facilities of mainstream sports can dampen enthusiasm and curtail necessary practice time.  Someone who understands these challenges and has found ways to overcome them is the natural guide and ally in making the process of more enjoyable, interesting and safe.  A private skateboard lesson with a qualified coach is a good way to jumpstart learning with lower risk.

There are many factors to consider when learning a new sport and stress doesn’t need to be one of them.  It can help to remember that every skateboarder is unique and the ultimate goal is to build skills that extend the enjoyment of skateboarding!

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