Sherborn Skatepark Construction

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As many skateboarders know, Sherborn Skatepark was in rough shape.  Early this year, I was talking with Sherborn Parks Director, Leo Cavanaugh, along with Josh and Ryan from Eastern Boarder Natick about fixing up the ramps. Unfortunately, due to building insurance we could not go in and just fix the ramps.

About 3 months ago,  I learned that Marshfield was getting a new Concrete flow skatepark. I knew they had Woodward prefab ramps, so I met with the Marshfield Park and Recreation Director to see what they were going to do with all these of ramps. He told me they could go to auction or be donated to another local government. I called up Leo after the meeting and let him know about this ramp donation idea. Leo was on board with the idea. Now Spring is a busy time for many people and I didn’t hear anything about the ramp transfer. I wrongly assumed the ramp transfer fell through. Yesterday, I drove out to Sherborn for a lesson and see Leo and a pile of rails from Marshfield!

Over the next two weeks they will be transporting ramps from Marshfield to Sherborn! More pictures and information coming soon!



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