Boston’s Newest Skatepark – Little Scobie Skatepark


Little Scobie Skatepark is being built in Roxbury! I learned about this projected a few months ago from our friends at Warner Larson. They invited Armin Bachman and I in for lunch to have a look at some the skatepark blueprints for Little Scobie Playground. We talked about some of the features we would like to see in the skatepark. A fun feature that came to mind was the A frame manual pad that used to be in the street section at Subliminal Skatepark.  The blueprint went through a few changes with WL and Charlie Wilkens from Spohn Ranch adding some Boston skate spot inspiration with 2 features that resemble the Copley 2 block and the infamous hospital banks. Although the skatepark looks complete nobody is permitted to skate it just yet. The park is still closed for construction.  Warner Larson says the park should be open in roughly two months.  If you would like to stop by and take a look for your self check out our Boston Skatepark Locator.

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