Boston Skatepark – Cassidy DIY Meeting (Video)

On May 20th we met with Warner Larson and the Boston Parks Department along with local residents to discuss the Cassidy DIY and implementing skateboard features into the master plan. There will be more meetings in the future and so we need your continued support! We believe that the ideas and opinions raised in the discussion were thoughtful, respectful and helpful. We look forward to the next meeting!

Thank you to David, Jaryd and Sameer from Warner Larson Architects. Thank you to Allison Perlman and her colleague from Boston Parks. Thank you to Orchard Skateshop, local residents and lastly the Boston Skateboarders who spread the word and showed up! Lets keep this momentum.

If you have questions or would like to help contact ben(at)

Filmed by Skate Catalyst Media Manager James Volk and edited by Ben Kerrigan.

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