Catalyst Review: Unit Skateboard Tool

Unit Skateboard Tool has produced and patented this skate tool  for your use. Its a simple sturdy model. Ranging from $10 to $15 in shop or online.


  • Same tool for 2 years no issues.
  • I have seen a dude throw it and it was fine. However this is quiet ignorant and is not recommended.
  • Much better then trying to find a phillips and monkey wrench when its time to tune your skateboard.


  • Phillips tool and storage.
  • Allen head.
  • Strong plastic.
  • 1/2 socket for wheels.
  • 916 socket for trucks.
  • 3/8 socket for hardware.

Great For:

  • Skate Trip
  • Skate Camp
  • Skateshop
  • A skateboarder (home use)

Distributed by Syndrome Distribution

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