What Boston-Area Parents Say – Skateboard Lesson Reviews

Our son really liked his lesson with Ben and can’t wait for his next lesson….kids really benefit from taking skateboarding lessons from SkateCatalyst. It gives them something to work toward and helps create a passion for skateboarding.”

– Frederique, Framingham, Mass.

“My son was so happy with that first lesson, so comfortable with Ben, and so thrilled to finally learn a whole new set of skateboarding skills, tricks, and vocabulary, we continued weekly lessons the entire summer and throughout the whole next school year. Ben is a great coach. He inspired my son to do his best, encouraged him and built his confidence. Ben is also a super nice guy and wonderful person. He was an excellent mentor for my son. My son enjoyed Ben’s company and had lots of fun while he learned more advanced skateboarding skills. If you want a great camp or awesome skateboarding lessons for your child, I recommend Ben Kerrigan whole-heartedly!”

– Heidi, Needham, Mass.

“Ben (or Skate Catalyst) was a perfect fit! – After a few sessions with Ben, my son gained the confidence and skills to challenge himself to learn new skateboard techniques. I also appreciated the well-balanced perspective that Ben gave my son about the culture of skateboarding, which was that if you work hard and practice, you will be successful. With the help of Ben, he developed the basic skills that he needed to get him off to a good and safe start.”

– Mimi, Boston, Mass.

The results were great & exactly what we wanted. He was able to learn some skateboarding basics and skills so he could get up and going on his own.”

– Nancy, Boston, Mass.

Ben met my son at his level, made him feel at ease, was encouraging, positive, and patient. My son came away from his first lesson more confident, skilled, and SAFER! Ben had him up and happily working on the ramps in no time!”

– Patricia – Cambridge, Mass.

About Ben

  • Accredited skateboard instructor with national (SPS) certification
  • 10+ years of skateboarding experience
  • Eagle Scout with current First Aid/CPR Cert and CORI
  • Skatepark manager for BSA High-Adventure Camp (The Summit, WV.)
  • Boston College undergrad student and 2012 alum of Needham High School

boston skateboard instructor

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