Skate Catalyst Statement: International Association of Skateboard Companies

The International Association of Skateboarding Companies was established in 1995 by “a diverse group of skateboard manufacturers, distributors, contest organizers,and private skateparks”. Their mission “is to represent the global skateboarding community with a united voice by listening, understanding and acting on the needs of skateboarders.”  Now this is a pretty big mission. The associations initiatives include , Just One Board (donating boards) , DIY or DIE (supporting DIY skateparks) and State of Skate (skateboard industry research). These are awesome initiatives. I feel strongly that IASC could help the Skateboard Community by educating the public on following topics.

International Association of Skateboard Companies

  • The dangers of skitching on cars and fatalities every year.
  • Publicly standing behind  safety equipment.
  • Taking a stand on inapropriate products in skateboarding. (Drugs, Sex, etc.).
  • Addressing “skateboarding” stigma (Loitering, lazy,etc.).

I do back the IASC initiatives and mission. I just see some key parts that have yet to be addressed.

Work sited: IASC website.


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